A bangladeshi couple gets engaged.

Förlovning av ett bangladeshiskt par i Stockholm.

In two weeks time they are going to get engaged. Yesterday we met to take some photos for the fun of it, at the Tandolunden park in Stockholm, which is a very special place for the couple.
A full blogpost is coming in a few days.

Armenian wedding in Stockholm.

Vanessa and Arabo are getting married in Stockholm.

Vanessa and Arabo have gotten married in Stockholm, following the traditions of their armenian culture.
The bride, stunning in her wedding gown, with her “soon-to-be-husband”-bridegroom, were photographed at Edbergs slott, i Solentuna, before the wedding ceremony.

More photos to follow soon; great party photos under armenian-oriental music (had never seen a bridegroom before dancing from the preparations at 09am at his parents home, until the end of the party, at almost 03am the next morning), lots of photos from the traditions at their parents homes, and even more from the ceremony in the orthodox church (advice to male fellow photographers; add a shoehorn in your camera bag, if you take your shoes off you are allowed to enter IN the altar and photograph the couple heads-on, behind the priest!).

Destination wedding in Evoia, Greece.

Maria and Oscar getting married in Evoia, Greece. Destination swedish-greek wedding.

Imagine a small greek village that lies across the Aegean sea and climbs at the side of a hill, where the tourism has not arrived yet and the local postman does not use adresses because he knows the villagers even by their first names.
A small, private church at the outskirts of the village, in the middle of a forest with olive trees.
A sky that is clear blue and the sun shining. It’s around 40* C.
The bride is pretty like a doll in her short white gown and her Manolo Blahniks, and the bridegroom with the maids of honour and the bestmen are all having details at their clothes and dresses in Aegean blue.
After the ceremony the reception takes place at the veranda of a traditional taverna, just above the sea. Calamares, fried fishes, greek salads and cold ouzo. The house’s white and red whine at no limit.
The first dance is under the music of “Zorbas, the greek” and later in the night almost everybody dances with ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” and “Super truper”, until early in the morning…

Maria and Oscar, my very warmest wishes for a life full of happiness and joy!
Μιχάλη, thanks from my heart that i was given the chance to be a part of this day! You have no idea how much i have enjoyed every single minute of the day!

It is unfair to show just one photo of your day right now, but a longer post with many, many more photos is coming in a while!:-)

Happy Midsummer! Glad Midsommar!

Midsommar firandet i Winterviken, Stockholm, Sweden.
Celebrating the midsummer festivities in Winterviken, Stockholm, Sweden.

We have a tradition at home, that every year in the end of June, when the midsummer is celebrated in Sweden, we travel to our summer house in the deep forests in the north of the country, to enjoy the warm summer near the nature.

This year though i was left in Stockholm while the rest of the family followed the tradition. I was a bit sad that i would miss the swedish delicacies that traditionally are served that day as well as the music and the dance. I would photograph events and conferences every day for the whole week.

Thanks God, one of the events at the very eve of the midsummer day was to take place at the Winterviken factory, where the incredible Invita Sweden had arranged a genuine swedish celebration for 240 guests from a german company. The whole evening was magical and, yes, the guests DID dance the “small frogs” too!

Love and gratitude to the Mother!

Today is the Mother’s Day in Sweden. Children of all ages show their gratitude to all these very special persons!


Henna ceremony.

Henna ceremony at indian wedding, in Stockholm, Sweden. Abbas and Nisha are getting married.

This Friday Abbas and Nisha are getting married in Stockholm. The wedding will be a traditional one, with all the music, the dance, the colors and the happiness that this means.

The pictures above are from the Henna-ceremony that took place yesterday at Nisha’s parents’ home.

Stockholm University At Kista Mässan

Our photo from Stockholms Universitets Aula Magna at the Kista Mässa Fair "events and meetings". Conference, Congress Hall.

The Stockholm University was one of the exhibitors at the “Meetings and Events Fair” that took place at Kista mässa, in Stockholm, in the middle of March.

It was a delight, first to have our photos chosen by the University to decorate their stand at the fair, and second, to see one of our pictures from Aula Magna enlarged at a 3 x 2 meters size! It certainly looks much more powerful than looking at it on the computer’s screen.

(FYI the enlargement was made from a 12 Mp camera’s file, a Nikon D3 NEF interpolated photo)

Sample wedding album

We really wanted to have a créme-white “QT” leather album in the studio as a sample wedding album.
At the size of 30 x 30 cm closed, that is the standard album that is included in all our highest and most luxurious wedding packets. Just think of it; when open, there are wonderful, i mean really wonderful, double-page images at the whopping size of 30 x 60 cm, printed on silk exhibition-quality paper from Fuji !!!

The photos included are some of our favourite, and to get a better idea how the pages will look like you can have a look at:
www.online-albumproofing.com (use sample as password )

Photos of a similar album that was made for a couple from England, that got married in the greek island of Santorini, you can see here.


Nisha and Abbas, pre-shoot at Steninge slott.

Last week i had the pleasure to meet a wonderful couple that are going to get married in May. The wedding festivities are going to last for several days and will take place in two different cities, there will be a lot of guests, a lot of colors and a lot of music and dance; an indian wedding!!!
On the way to the place where the reception will be, we stopped for a while at the Steninge slott to take some pictures. It was only for a some 10-15 minutes, and the sun had almost set but it was enough to plan a little about the couple’s photo session during the ceremony day.
Nisha and Abbas, we are so much looking forward your wedding day!

Favourite wedding images!

Every year we have the pleasure to meet a lot of wedding couples and we are honored to photograph them during their wedding day!
Well, during that day hundreds, even thousands of pictures are taken, and it is always interesting to compare afterwards our own favourite ones with the couple’s favourites.

It’s always one particular picture though that i, myself, connect to the particular couple. It is this very picture that will pop up in my mind every time we happen mention them with Mia long time later, or we get a telephone call from them, or their name is mentioned from another bride whom we have been recommended to by them.

Why does this happen? Well, maybe because of the way or the difficulty for the photo to be taken, maybe because of something said exactly the moment it was taken, or maybe because the picture mirrors perfectly who the couple really were (as far as we got to know them at least, in the hours we had met them).

One such couple was Xiaolu and Michael, that came all the way from Switzerland and chose the Haga Slott for their wedding festivities. During the previous day i had seen the personnel decorating part of the upper floor for the next day’s reception and it looked stunning. You see, there should be touches from both the bride’s and the bridegroom’s cultures. Next morning, during photographing the bride’s preparations i asked her if she had planned the decoration herself, but she answered she didn’t have a clue how it would look like. She was going to see it just before the reception, with all the other guests also coming in, as a surprise. And yes, she was so anxious and maybe a little nervous!

When it was time for the reception that evening, i was standing some 5-6 meters away from the entrance, on the top of the stairs where the guests would come from. The personnel were also there in a line, welcoming everybody. First came the couple, passed in front of me while being photographed and continued towards the closed door. I kept photographing the guests coming up the stairs and just for a couple of seconds turned towards the wedding couple to photograph them from behind when they would enter the room. I managed three shots before i turned again towards the guests.
I had a feeling for these pictures. Some time later that evening i was able to look back at those photos on the back display of the camera and, there it was!:-)
The first two of them were the back of the couple while opening the door but at the third i had the bride’s face who suddenly had turned back towards her parents, with pure happiness and surprise on her face (and a little scream) and also the face of the bridegroom, with all the love and the satisfaction of seeing his wife so happy!

The photos that follow give a glimpse of the reception decoration.

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