Favourite wedding images!

Every year we have the pleasure to meet a lot of wedding couples and we are honored to photograph them during their wedding day!
Well, during that day hundreds, even thousands of pictures are taken, and it is always interesting to compare afterwards our own favourite ones with the couple’s favourites.

It’s always one particular picture though that i, myself, connect to the particular couple. It is this very picture that will pop up in my mind every time we happen mention them with Mia long time later, or we get a telephone call from them, or their name is mentioned from another bride whom we have been recommended to by them.

Why does this happen? Well, maybe because of the way or the difficulty for the photo to be taken, maybe because of something said exactly the moment it was taken, or maybe because the picture mirrors perfectly who the couple really were (as far as we got to know them at least, in the hours we had met them).

One such couple was Xiaolu and Michael, that came all the way from Switzerland and chose the Haga Slott for their wedding festivities. During the previous day i had seen the personnel decorating part of the upper floor for the next day’s reception and it looked stunning. You see, there should be touches from both the bride’s and the bridegroom’s cultures. Next morning, during photographing the bride’s preparations i asked her if she had planned the decoration herself, but she answered she didn’t have a clue how it would look like. She was going to see it just before the reception, with all the other guests also coming in, as a surprise. And yes, she was so anxious and maybe a little nervous!

When it was time for the reception that evening, i was standing some 5-6 meters away from the entrance, on the top of the stairs where the guests would come from. The personnel were also there in a line, welcoming everybody. First came the couple, passed in front of me while being photographed and continued towards the closed door. I kept photographing the guests coming up the stairs and just for a couple of seconds turned towards the wedding couple to photograph them from behind when they would enter the room. I managed three shots before i turned again towards the guests.
I had a feeling for these pictures. Some time later that evening i was able to look back at those photos on the back display of the camera and, there it was!:-)
The first two of them were the back of the couple while opening the door but at the third i had the bride’s face who suddenly had turned back towards her parents, with pure happiness and surprise on her face (and a little scream) and also the face of the bridegroom, with all the love and the satisfaction of seeing his wife so happy!

The photos that follow give a glimpse of the reception decoration.

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